Penis Enlargement Operation

Men are more self-concious about the size of their penis than ever before and an increasing number are opting for a penoplasty operation – better known as a penis enlargement.

Penoplasty is an operation to lengthen or enlarge the penis. For an increase in girth (thickness), the procedure involves taking fat via liposuction from the stomach or thighs and injecting it in the shaft of the penis.

Roughly 3oz (85g) of fat is sucked out and there is normally an increase in width of around 1 to 2 inches. The results are visible in both the limp and erect state.

For an increase in penis length, an incision is made above the base of the penis so the penile suspensory ligament can be released and brought forward.

The ligament is reattached lower down on the shaft and a flap of skin is taken from the pubic bone to cover the new penis extension.

The penis can be extended by between 1 to 2 inches but is only in effect when the penis is limp and not when erect.

Patients do not have to stay in hospital but it will take two months for signs of the surgery to disapear. As with any operation, there are risks.

Penoplasty OperationThere are numerous books about penoplasty or penile enlargement, but very few are written by men who have actually undergone the procedure and have experience of what life is life afterwards.

One exception to this, is author David Brain, who has appeared on television and been interviewed in magazines about his personal experience of his penoplasty operation, which is detailed in his book Penoplasty: A True Story.

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Most men whom go through a penis enlargement operation have a huge increase in self-esteem and confidence and are now more than comfortable with either their partner or their mates in the changing room seeing their manhood.